Another really lame day in my world. I’m sorry. With hindsight, starting a new blog two days before a vacation which will be spent at home isn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.

My last week of vacation started 48 minutes ago. In a way, it’s time for me to get back into the real world because my sleeping schedule is so messed up and so is everything else, thanks to that. I slept till four yesterday and till two today. In the afternoon, that is. And both nights, I didn’t fall asleep before seven in the morning. Due to that, I never really get anything done. I’ve had my mom’s vacuum cleaner ready in the hallway since the beginning of my vacation and haven’t even used it yet. Nor have I cleaned my bedroom, like I was going to. Or reorganized my book shelves. The only things I’ve managed were a quick clean of the kitchen and bathroom and reorganizing my make up. Which made me realize that I have way too much of that stuff and need new boxes sometimes soon.

Me on Nov 18, 2012Speaking of make up… Today was the first time in a long while that I actually bothered to make myself look really presentable. I made small efforts for my birthday dinners but never really bothered with eyeliner or anything. Today, I finally motivated myself to do the whole thing. You know, foundation (even though I used BB Cream and mineral powder), eye liner, thick mascara, bright red lips. My friend bought me so many new lipsticks for my birthday, since I complained to her about never having enough of those. One of them is a daring but gorgeous red. I used it for the first time today. Red lipsticks are so hard to apply because they’re so unforgiving. With most pinks, apricots, beiges, etc., you’ll find it’s alright if not every line is completely sharp and straight. Not so with red. One shaky little hand, the tiniest of hiccups, and you’ll look like a kid dressing up as the Joker for Halloween. It’s even worse since I’m usually to lazy to use lip liners. Right now, I don’t even own any. And by lazy I don’t even mean with applying them but finding the right color to fit the lipstick. Most brands sell liners with the same names or color codes but I never find them to be very fitting at all. So yeah, I usually spend ages fiddling with the lipstick alone, not even a brush, and eventually get it right. …and then, like today, make the mistake of having ice cream or drinking from a glass. Always a nice moment. The lipstick I used today, My Red Card by Catrice (see, not even an expensive brand!), was so cool about it, though. I could just brush off the smeared ages without leaving too many boo boos, and reapply it.

The reason for this dressing up wasn’t even a big one. I just went for ice cream and a movie with my mom. It was a German production called “Die Vermessung der Welt”. Sort of a historical drama. I wasn’t wowed by it but didn’t think it was so bad, either. Beautiful pictures of the Amazones / South America and nature in general. The story wasn’t really all that exciting or dramatic and I must admit I’m just not used to the German understated way of acting anymore. So maybe that’s why some of it just left me untouched. But it was entertaining anyway, and a good way to spend an evening.

Tonight, I’ll try to go to sleep somewhat early, then wake around nine or ten, as my mom and I agreed to attempt to make it out for brunch. Just Starbucks, we think. But use it as an attempt to not sleep till the sun goes down again and waste the day away. I’m also gonna do what I do best: book shopping! I got a gift voucher for my birthday and it’s itching to be spent on more books that will look gorgeous on my shelf as they’re waiting to be read!

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