Birthday Noms, Part II

I’m alive. No one is more surprised than I am because I could barely convince myself to crawl out of bed today. I’m so tired and just feel like doing nothing at all. The original plan was to go have brunch and shop a little this morning but nope…

Yesterday was so much fun! Another thing I needn’t have worried about. My friends got on so well and even socialized without much prodding from me. I’m really, really relieved and satisfied with how the evening turned out.

One of them came to my place earlier yesterday and we watched some Once Upon a Time together. The only thing better than watching your favorite TV shows is watching them with a friend. I don’t get that a lot because we all like so many different things. But with OUAT, we’ve found something we both love. I’m up to date and just waiting impatiently for a new episode every week but she’s only started watching a week ago so she’s halfway through the first season and I re-watched an older episode with her. I just love the actors so much and the whole new take on incorporating the fairytales. I watch both, this show and Grimm, and even though they’re both riding on the current fairytale wave, they’re doing it in such different ways. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the new season brings in a new attractive character in almost every episode.

After our shared fangirling, we headed out to pick up my other friend and then made it to the Webster, the place I chose for my second birthday dinner. It’s a pretty popular place in town because it’s so traditional and comfortable. It’s pretty much a traditional German Brauhaus and normally, I’d say that it’s a strange place for me to love so much because I’m not a fan of beer at all. In fact, I don’t even drink any alcohol. But the Webster is just such a nice and comfortable place to eat and just sit and talk that I can’t help but love it anyway. The interior has a lot of dark wood, very traditional decoration like beer barrels, old black and white pictures of the brewery, etc. And, of course, a large bar where people come in to have a beer after work. If you want to have a bite to eat, too, you’re usually seated in one of the more quiet booths in the back. Just like we were last night. The mood was really light and relaxed, so it didn’t even matter that our waitress was confused, we had to wait for our food forever and that they were out of waffles and had to have the apple pie instead (which was really yum, anyway). In fact, in this very strange way, while my friends were talking among themselves for a moment, I sat back and thought that in that very moment, I was really and truly happy. I haven’t thought that in a long, long way. In fact, I’ve been scratching on the surface of depression again in the past couple weeks. Nothing major that will keep me tied to the bed on a work day, just quick moments that made me fear that I may be slipping away again. But yesterday, I was just really happy. I was sitting there with two of my best friends, they were getting along fine, there was nice conversation and food and for once, my life wasn’t so complicated and I wasn’t overanalyzing every tiny detail.

My main course wasn’t anything too special. Just schnitzel (heh!) fried in a coat of beer dough, with dumplings and mushrooms in a creamy sauce. A pretty traditionally German dish, although we will eat schnitzel in about five dozen different ways and with just as many sides. I’d say dumplings are a less popular choice, we usually have those alongside with beef. But I love them and will just eat them without anything, just a little sauce. And mmmhh, now I want some again!

Afterwards, I picked up the new expansion pack for The Sims 3 from the packstation and…well, what can I say? I’m a little nerd girl and I’ve been so excited for this forever. They can finally play in the snow again, and celebrate Halloween and just…well, have weather again. So can you guess what I’ve been doing all day? 😉

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