Birthday Noms, Part I

It’s almost midnight and just a few minutes till my birthday is officially over. I am pleased to announce turning 30 really doesn’t hurt. For some reason, I expected to spend the day feeling numb at best. The past year was a bit of an up and down sort of affair. I never officially felt like I was hitting a “I don’t want to leave my twenties behind”-moment but I did a lot of things and thought a lot of thoughts that didn’t seem very reasonable and eventually, I had to admit that I was dreading this birthday more than I cared to let show. Now it seems completely silly. Except that it still feels weird to see my age on various online profiles. But then again, it felt that way ever since I turned 22 or 23. That was roughly the age when I stopped feeling it.

The day turned out pretty nice, actually. Except the getting up quite early part. Of course, as it is my luck, the repairman for my dishwasher could only make it this morning. But he was on time and after spending a rough few minutes hyperventilating about the money I had to spend on this round of “fun”, I am proud to say I have a working dishwasher again.

After a quick shower, cleaning session in the bathroom and putting up my seasonal decoration, my friend arrived for coffee and cake (no, I’m not gonna fangirl about my cake anymore, don’t worry). It was nice and relaxed, though this particular friend makes me feel like I’m babysitting a toddler sometimes because she can get so amused about the smallest things and has the attention span of a goldfish (“…and then I way – oh, look at your cat!”). But it was nice to see her again. We used to work together before she was laid off and now I only get to see her every couple weeks. It’s always nice when that happens. Later, we were joined by my mom for more cake and I got a sweet call from my oldest friend which I had to cut short since I still had my guest and it was getting close to dinner time anyway.

We had booked a table for 8pm and by the time I looked at the clock, it was almost 7:30pm. So I had to hurry and almost kick my friend out. But my mom and I made it roughly in time. We had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in this town, if not anywhere I’ve been so far. The Samui is a traditional Thai restaurant which offers a wide range of dishes and desserts from Thailand, all tasting more or less exotic to a German palate. For starters I had Hio Nam Man Hoi, delicious jacobs mussles in a delicious but spicy pepper oyster sauce. I’d always wanted to try jacobs mussles and I have to say they were delicious but strange. The consistency seemed a little tangy and I had to get used to it. We eat mussles several times a year but jacobs mussles seem like a kind of mix between the mussles I know and white fish, i.e. pangasius. Really, really good, though.

Gai Pad Bei KrapauwAs my main course, I chose Gai Pad Bei Krapauw, finely chopped chicken with green beans, other vegetables and chili in a seriously hot and spicy sauce. I told them to make it a little less spicy because the last time I had it, I nearly choked. They did but it was still really tough to eat. So delicious, though. It’s served with rice and I could have eaten about five portions of it.

Khanom DommEven though I was reasonably stuffed by then (had two pieces of cake only a couple of hours before), I couldn’t leave out dessert. It is high up on my bucket list to try the entire dessert menu of every restaurant I know and like at least once. I have such a huge sweet tooth! The problem with Asian desserts is that even if they explain what it is I am ordering, I often have problems trying to imagine it. So far, it never mattered, because it was all just delicious. This time, I decided to go with with what the waitress recommended and ordered Khanom Domm, coconut balls with a creamy peanut filling and vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and honey on the side. And trust me, it was even better than it sounds. Tastegasm, much? Once again, I found myself putting another item to my bucket list: Visit the Samui again and have nothing but desserts!

So, about an hour or so ago, I got home and am now happily rubbing my full belly, quite content with how I spent this day.

It was also really nice on the gift side. My eight year-old me would shoot me a dirty glance for saying this, but gifts really become less and less important, the older you get. It’s nice and I’m a big fan of those that show someone cared. Not in a “Oh, it has to be self-made” kind of way. If you’re not a DIY-kinda person, it can still come off wrong when people give you those kinds of things. It should just be personal. Just giving me a gift voucher for a department store that sells everything is nice and useful but it also says “I couldn’t be bothered to think about what you may want or need”. Unless you know the person is planning to buy something from that store anyway. But yeah…you’re getting my point. So far, this year was really nice on that side, as well. I got a lot of book gifts, two actual books and one gift voucher for my favorite bookstore, a lot of cosmetics, Yankee Candles (love, love, love them!) and my very first macarons. I’d never had them and I told my friend about this dilemma, so she sent me some. My friends are so sweet! My mom got me revised edition of the Tim Burton biography which is just wonderful. I’d fangirled about it when I’d visited the bookstore with her but she get to witness so much of my fangirling about everything and anything every given day of the week. I could never have guessed she’d remember that one and even buy it for me. It’s not really something she cares or thinks about a lot and usually, my mom is more the kind of mother that remembers the things you like that she can relate to in some way. My friend got me an actually really nice book about cats. It contains a lot of poems, short stories and quotes about cats. Normally, I’m kind of torn on these kinds of books as they tend to get a bit sappy, but this one’s so nice. Especially for a cat lover like me. I’m kind of planning to spam my own Tumblr with cat quotes for the next three years. And then the cosmetics from my other friend. Oh my god, so much girly goodness! She got me a lot of lipsticks and glosses, a new blush, some mint green eyeliner that’s just a gorgeous color and some other things I don’t even remember now. It was so much! And all so gorgeous! While I was getting ready for dinner, I looked at the wide range of lip colors and just couldn’t decide.

Looking at my little pile of gifts, I can’t help but feel that I’m well and truly old now. Not too many years ago, I was sitting among a lot of records, band tees, posters and other fan memorabilia by this time on my birthday. Now I’m sitting here among books and cosmetics and I’m just as happy, excited and content. Maybe I really AM 30, after all? Brb, putting on my Hello Kitty panties!

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