Baking Galore

It is done! My first ever proper cake has been put together, decorated and is now awaiting its fate in my fridge.

Cream Cheese After Eight CakeI needn’t have been so nervous because it ended up being really easy. The hardest part was getting the After Eight pieces inside the bowl while my whisk was attempting to whirl them around and cutting them into smaller pieces. It took a while until I was satisfied with the result. My mom was watching and said I could have stopped earlier, a few bigger pieces wouldn’t be bad but I guess I got a little carried away. I did turn my kitchen into a mess, though. Three bowls, several spoons and forks, and a bunch of empty packages and cups all over the place. Also, I have no idea how little tolerance some people have for peppermint. My recipe said to use 1 table spoon full of the sirup. Maybe they meant another brand with a higher concentration but I ended up using about five or six spoons. And even then I only stopped because I know I could bathe in peppermint but most people would like it more subtle. From the many “samples” I took, it’s gonna be really, really delicious, too.

My strike of genius was to get one of those decorating tools to get the whipped cream on top. I used to have one of those bags before but it was useless. Now I have a kind of pump and it worked so well. My cake ended up looking halfway professional, even. Of course, I ruined that a little by going over the top with the After Eight and the chocolate splinters. I just figured that the cake was so creamy and sweet all over the place, it could do with some more dark chocolate. I had even considered adding chocolate to the cream but figured I’d go with the original recipe for now. There’s always time to alter it later.

And there it is: My first homemade Cream Cheese After Eight Cake. Who’s coming over for coffee tomorrow? 😉

I noticed again that I really enjoy baking a lot. I can’t do it too much because I enjoy eating baked good even more, though. I really need to get into cooking more. That would be good. If I enjoyed that as much, I could feed myself healthy meals more often.

I got the recipe from here, by the way. It’s a German website but I’m sure Google translator will help. If anyone needs help with the translation, let me know.

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