From Summer to Christmas

Today, I went from summer to Christmas in under two hours.

I woke up craving ice cream. And by craving I mean really, really dying for it. So I called my mom and dragged her into town where I heard a ginormous cup of Malaga and truffles ice cream covered with cream and eggnog. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. And the ice cream was so, so good. Really creamy, none of those pesky ice crystals. I just about wanted to bathe in it.

Everyone always tells me it’s crazy how I could sit in a snow storm and still be craving ice cream. I could also have it, no matter how full I am from the meal before. When I was a kid I would eat so much of it that my parents didn’t even have a chance to control my intake. In my grandma’s garden community were so many nice old people who’d all over to buy me a cup or a popsicle. Sometimes I had five or six of them in a day and my mom didn’t even think that it was possible. When she found out, I always had to come ask her before I was allowed to let them buy me one. Needless to say she had to deal with a lot of tantrums from me after that. It never changed when I grew up. I could still sit down in every café´on the way and have a giant cup of the stuff, then stop at McDonald’s on the way home to have a sundae. I’m gross like that! Oh, and have I mentioned that I have a mild lactose intolerance? Not a pretty sight, let me tell you.

After my ice cream splurge, I came across Hema. It’s one of the best places in the world. In general, it is like the market place in any Ikea, you know, where they always get you with the oh-so-clever little kitchen helpers, cute napkins, gorgeous bed covers, sparkling picture frames…and before you know it, you’re giving them all your money. Only with Hema it’s worse because they’re not located within an Ikea which are usually somewhere in the suburbs and you rarely make it there without being prepared to spend a fortune. No, Hema is usually located right in a city center or mall. So you come across one and you’ll think “Oh, I’ll just pop in to buy one of those giant tea light bags for 3 Euros!” And then you’ll come out carrying  huge bags full of bits and pieces that you’ll never need and that cost you a kidney or two. Especially their kitchen department is hell! So many cute things that are, of course, totally useful! And they all seem so cheap until you realize that you can’t just buy one fork or one dessert yup…but that usually doesn’t happen until you’re home and looking at the – long, oh so long – detailed receipt.

Christmas TreeToday, my personal downfall was Christmas decoration. I’d been casually thinking about getting a tree this year as I’d never had one since moving into my apartment. But I saw a silver (!) one at Hema today and it was “only 10 €”! So I bought that. Of course, I can’t just put a naked tree in my living room, so I bought decoration as well. And while I was at it, I also bought some decoration for my door to replace my Halloween bat and owl. To my defense I have to say that the tree looks really, really gorgeous in my room. Despite all the kitschy decoration like turquoise cow bells and fuchsia feathered birds, it actually looks quite classy and not too full. I’m quite chuffed.

While I was at it, I also fell for more of Hema’s “good ideas”. I bought a new recipe book that lets me organize my recipes into different categories (absolutely needed, of course) and a pocket calendar for 2013. I’m a big fan of Hema’s calendars. The big ones have little plastic bags in between the pages where you can put stuff like notes, bank statements, etc. But they’re also quite big, almost A5-sized, so I decided to be sensible this time and bought a really small pocket-sized one. It’s cute but I can already see myself trying to stuff all my stuff somewhere…

In the end, the receipt read almost 60 €. Oops! I felt a little guilty because my mom was paying and all I wanted were trash bags and the calendar. Ah well, even she had to admit the tree looks awesome in my living room when she just came in.

I’m ready for Christmas now. Are you? 😉

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