NaNoBloPoMo Prompt: US Elections

Okay, I officially suck at sticking to my own goals. Not only am I almost hopelessly behind on my daily NaNoWriMo goals, I also didn’t manage to get a blog post in yesterday. Why? Because a ‘quick coffee from Starbucks and a quest for finding peppermint syrup’ turned into a whole day spent (window) shopping including lunch at Due Punti, the new, state of the art Italian restaurant in town, and not one, not two, but three coffee breaks at various cafés. The result was the aforementioned peppermint syrup which I’m so, so glad I found because I need it for a – hopefully – delicious After Eight Philadelphia cake which I’m going to have a go at as my own birthday cake next week. Also, I bought a new long sweater / dress which looks hideous in the wardrobe but gorgeous when worn and treated myself to some nice new underwear. I know people always say you buy the gorgeous stuff when you’re single so you can sell your goods, and then resolve to wearing the cheap white cotton stuff when you’re in a relationship. But it’s the other way round with me. When I’m single and there’s no one in particular who I know will get to see what I’m wearing underneath, I wear the cheap 2 € panties from Primark and that’s it. When there’s a date in sight, I panic and rush out to buy at least five sets of crazy expensive lingerie. The downside of this is that I keep forgetting about all the non-romantic situations in which other people get to see me with my clothes off. Doctors, nurses, people in the locker room at the gym… They’re trying not to stare but I can feel them silently judging me. Or maybe that’s just my paranoia. Or, more likely, they’re completely blown away by the pugs, bees and bunnies on my latest Primark treasures.

NaBloPoMoAnyway, to make up for yesterday’s failure, I decided to write something about yesterday’s NaNoBloPo prompt. I was gonna do today’s but the question was what I would do if I was President of the US. And to be honest, I hate questions like that. People always sit in front of the TV and complain about everything politicians do. ‘Our own’ chancelorette and also the leaders of other countries, especially the US. But to be honest, if I was put in their place, I wouldn’t know where to start, either. Of course, I could write about the things that I would like to see changed but that would be based on me and my own needs. And that’s not what a leader’s job is about. They have to take everyone’s needs into account and then find a good compromise. I don’t think I could do that. Ever.

So I decided that I would choose yesterday’s prompt instead which is also about the US Elections. It’s simply asking for thoughts on them.

I’m not really hung up on politics. I vote here in Germany and I always try to choose the party / person that I think is relevant to most people’s needs. With other countries, I try to follow what’s going on over there a bit. With the US, it’s a little more important to me because they do have such a big influence on us here in Europe, too. Over the past few weeks, I got different impressions on social platforms like Facebook, from reports on TV, some more serious, some less. By no means would I call myself well-informed. But the general impression I got was that I cannot understand why anyone would vote for Romney, nor can I relate to those people. Admittedly, I know very few of them. Those that I do know are a walking contradiction to me. There’s one woman, for example, who is a big fan of some of the same bands that I love. Some of those are quite popular with homosexuals and it’s no secret that they’re very supportive of same sex marriage, very openminded about immigrants and all kinds of people, equal rights for everyone, tattoo acceptance in work places, etc. In short: everything Romney and his party do not stand for. It seems so completely far off that someone who can relate to all of this would vote for someone who would probably ban it all in a day if he could.

Also, Romney voters strike me as generally well off, financially and socially. Those are also the people that criticize Obamacare. I get that someone who doesn’t have a lot would have mixed feelings, to put it mildly, about spending some of their hard-earned cash on things like health insurance. Let me not get into details here because I don’t know enough about Obamacare to be able to see all the disadvantages. But even if the amount you need to pay depends on your income, these people would still be far better off than having to pay thousands of money in one go if something was to happen to them or a family member. Really, if you post a picture of a brand new shiny car you just bought and then tell me you’re against Obamacare, it leaves me with a giant question mark above my head.

The other thing people criticize Obama for is the financial crisis. Really? I’m not sure I’m comfortable with people being allowed to vote if they can’t even do the simple math here. How can anyone who’s been in the office for such a comparably short time cause a huge disaster like that? It isn’t possible. The signs had been there before, things have been going down the drain for decades. And it takes just as long to drag the economy up again. Blaming it on immigrants, terrorists and, possibly, bad weather is just immature and not helping matters. And it takes a lot of work from every single individual. I never get financially stable people who complain about having to pay more than, say, unemployed people. We have the same discussion here in Germany all the time. And I absolutely get why I with my safe job and okay-ish income have to pay more than someone who gets by with a part time job and three kids. I don’t always like it but it’s how it works. If people can’t do the math and that’s the main or only reason why they wouldn’t vote for Obama, I don’t think they should be allowed to vote at all before they educate themselves some more about where the money you need to run a country comes from.

So yes, I’m definitely not trying to make this sound too black and white here. I don’t think Elections are ever about choosing the good over the evil. I’m sure there are hundreds of good reasons why some people would vote for Romney. But in the discussions I got to witness (and rarely take part in), for most people it seems to be a selfish decision. Not about what will help to make things better for most people in the long run but just what will cost me as an individual less money in the next couple years.

There you go, those are my two cents’, based on a very superficial impression, probably misinformed in some parts and definitely not fit to vote myself.

If I can manage to stay awake tonight, I’ll watch the live reports. Otherwise, I’ll check the results first thing in the morning and hope for the best.

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