I’d like to announce that my vacation’s finally started! Since I had to work on yesterday’s holiday, I’ve got this Friday off and then it’s three weeks of blissful time off work. And this time, it was much needed.

I work for a tech support hotline. It’s not as bad as I make it sound a lot of the time. Luckily, it’s for a small business and not one of those huge anonymous call centers. I used to work for one of those before I got this job and trust me, the difference is huge. I don’t have to sell any useless crap to customers, I don’t have any crazy goals to meet by the end of a month. My salary isn’t gonna make me a millionaire anytime soon but unlike so many people in this country (and elsewhere), I make enough to afford my rent and monthly bills, some fun on the side and most of the time I can even put a little money on the side for bigger purchases, holidays, etc. And I’ve had this job for almost seven years now. Even through the financial crisis and all the other bad times the economy’s been through lately, I kept my job and it seems relatively safe. So I really shouldn’t complain about it too much.

What bugs me the most is that it has nothing to do with anything I enjoy doing and am good at. I despise talking to people on the phone. Sometimes I don’t even pick up when friends are calling me. They’ve got used to it by now and aren’t even offended when I message them on Whatsapp a moment later. The other thing I hate is technology. Not in general. I can’t be typing this from my Mac and publish it on my blog on the Internet and tell you I hate technology. But I hate trying to figure things out. When a computer doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. I don’t like to check the settings, try this, try that. Which is exactly what I’m required to do in my job. So I guess I’m not doing it very well because I give up and just send a new device to the customer sooner than others. But I suppose it’s good enough or they wouldn’t be keeping me around.

And lately, things have become extra-hard. A few people were laid off and at the same time, we accepted more tasks. So more work gets done by less people now. And it’s completely new work. Our business is just a division of a larger international one. Another division was shut down and we took over their work. But it’s in a completely different field which none of us had worked in before so it’s pretty much like learning to do another job besides your regular one. I’m trying to be openminded and appreciate the opportunity to learn. But it’s hard when your days have become so stressful all of a sudden. We all get about three times as many calls right now and due to all the changes, the longer queues, the general confusion, almost every single customer is at least a little annoyed so the conversations aren’t very pleasant. It’s getting a little better with time, but I’m still glad for getting this time off so I can take a breath. And do what I love doing.

I’m kicking this vacation off with a dinner and a movie tonight. Nothing fancy, just Pizza Hut but man, do I love pizza! In Germany, we get two kinds of pizza: Italian and American. Usually, I prefer the Italian one. You know, the greasy, nasty things you get in a paper box from some guy who runs his business from a caravan. Mmmhhh… But sometimes I’m in the mood for American pan pizza and then it has to be Pizza Hut. Like tonight. The movie will be a surprise as it’ll be a sneak preview. Every first Friday of a month, we get a sneak in English. Usually, movies in Germany are dubbed but I prefer the original versions. If you live in a cool place like Düsseldorf where they have a lot of foreign students and workers, you also get many regular OV showings but around here, you have to seize your chance to see a movie in English. I just hope it’ll be something interesting.

As for NaNoWriMo, I’ve already written another 500 words today but then I got stuck. I’m nearing the end of my introduction and can’t seem to find a good way to make it over to the story to begin. This is the first hard part and before I got lost in it, I figured I’d better take a break so I can shower and do my nails or I’ll look horrible tonight. I’m better at writing at night, so I hope I’ll come up with something good after the movie.

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