NaNoWriMo & NaBloPoMo

The first day of my serious attempt at NaNoWriMo went surprisingly well. Since I had to start work at 8:30am (despite it being a holiday here, I’d like to add), I didn’t get to start at midnight like many others did. So I took my laptop into work with me and despite how tired I was, I managed to write around 900 words between calls and my co-worker’s constant bla bla. When I got home, I wrote a little more and by now, I have written about 2,200 words which is more than my daily goal.

I decided on a somewhat cynical, but hopefully funny, story line that reads just a tiny bit like an autobiography. And I’m writing it in German. As I said, I was tempted to do it and the story is one of the few things I can picture myself writing in German. So far, the ideas keep flowing out of me and I could barely stop typing. I’m in no way thinking it would stay like this for the next 29 days. But for now, I am glad that the first day has been going so well.

NaBloPoMoThen, as I was checking my dashboard, I came across National Blog Posting Month. Another challenge. I’m sure it’s a dumb idea to start two writing challenges at once. But what I grasped of this concept was that this month, there’s no specific theme which is perfect because there’s no real theme to my blog, either. And I’ve just created it a day ago, so how hard can it be to stay focused on this and write a post every day? It’s not about length, content or quality so it’s not like I’m taking part in anything crazy hard here. What is gonna be difficult, though, will be finding a way to blog when I’m in London. It’s just one day but I’ll consider this challenge as failed if I miss a day so I’ll need to figure something out. Crazy expensive hotel wifi, I suppose…

I’m gonna be gentle with myself and consider this challenge as successful today, even though this post has been about nothing but the challenges themselves.

Now that I’ve done so much typing and thinking today, I’ll have to catch up on American Horror Story. Yes, I’m a couch potato! Every fall is dedicated to new seasons of my favorite TV shows. And each time, I discover at least one new show that I absolutely have to follow. American Horror Story is on its second season this year. So far, I have to say I almost enjoy it more than the first. Unlike other shows, the seasons aren’t related, though some of the actors show up again, but in different roles. While the first season was set in a haunted house, this one is set in an asylum which makes it so much creepier for me. Even though the house in season one was old and dark, it still seemed too modern and clean for me to really feel scared. The asylum, on the other hand, is so dark and holds so many horrors. There are very few things I miss from the first season so far.

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