It’s a blog!

So, here I am. It would be a lie to say this is my first blog ever. It’s not. I’ve just never really found the right subject to right about. Now I’ve decided that I am subject enough. Or, my life is.

It’s not crazy exciting or special. I don’t travel the world or write bestsellers or do any magic. I’m just your average girl in an average town in Europe. But that doesn’t mean I can’t blog about it.
It’s mostly for my own benefit, though. I decided I’d like to have a blog that I can look up in ten years’ time and then just look back at all the things I’ve done or not done, the petty things I’ve ranted about, the cute things I’ve laughed about, the adventures I’ve experienced…whatever.

So…Kathy. That’s me. As I said, I live in Europe. My next big adventure will be hitting the big 3-0. Which will happen in roughly two weeks. Then I’m one of those “single women in their 30’s”. Only, I’m not. Or it doesn’t feel like it. Isn’t that what everyone says, though? I don’t enjoy what everyone tells me I’m supposed to enjoy by now, though. Apart from books. Books are awesome! But even then I have to say that some of the best books I’ve read this year were young adult literature rather than any crime novels or feminist tomes. I’m sorry. Only, I’m not. I’m not yearning to have kids, either. I have thought about marriage lately, though. There are days on which I’d like to say “I’m married”. Or refer to “my husband”. Or show someone an engagement ring. But those days pass all too quickly because there’s no willing candidate. No, let me rephrase that: There’s no willing candidate that I would be willing to live happily ever after with. Sometimes I feel like I should apologize for not feeling too sorry about this. Most of the time, being single isn’t so bad. Currently, I am planning a nice long vacation for 2013 and there’s no partner whose wishes, finances and work schedule I need to keep in mind. There are no kids to think of, either.

No, wait. That is only half true. There are the kittens to think of! Yes, I’m one of those crazy cat ladies. My kitties are my children. Well, it’s not that bad but I don’t think the comparison is that far of. They’re little creatures who can only halfway support themselves and who you’re responsible for because you decided to welcome them in your family. They may never grow into responsible human adults but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to have a good life. Which I need to provide. So there you go. Crazy cat lady, alright.

Anyway, I could list all the many things I like here and make this sound like a personal. But they’ll all get mentioned along the way anyway, so I’ll keep this short now. If anyone happens to stumble upon this blog: Hello! Welcome! Please stay!

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